How many megapixels equivalent does the eye have?

The eye is not a single frame snapshot camera. It is more like a video stream. The eye moves rapidly in small angular amounts and continually updates the image in one’s brain to “paint” the detail. We also have two eyes, and our brains combine the signals to increase the resolution further. We also typically move our eyes around the scene to gather more information. Because of these factors, the eye plus brain assembles a higher resolution image than possible with the number of photoreceptors in the retina. So the megapixel equivalent numbers below refer to the spatial detail in an image that would be required to show what the human eye could see when you view a scene.

Based on the above data for the resolution of the human eye, let’s try a “small” example first. Consider a view in front of you that is 90 degrees by 90 degrees, like looking through an open window at a scene. The number of pixels would be
90 degrees * 60 arc-minutes/degree * 1/0.3 * 90 * 60 * 1/0.3 = 324,000,000 pixels (324 megapixels).
At any one moment, you actually do not perceive that many pixels, but your eye moves around the scene to see all the detail you want. But the human eye really sees a larger field of view, close to 180 degrees. Let’s be conservative and use 120 degrees for the field of view. Then we would see
120 * 120 * 60 * 60 / (0.3 * 0.3) = 576 megapixels.
The full angle of human vision would require even more megapixels. This kind of image detail requires A large format camera to record.

Source: Clark Vision


~ by trilochankaur on February 22, 2007.

9 Responses to “How many megapixels equivalent does the eye have?”

  1. This is brilliant information, thanks a lot

  2. That is ignoring that the eye doesn’t see the same amount of pixels in the edges of it’s field of vision as it does on the center.

    Also if an eye moves to acquire more data, so can a camera. And cameras can take pictures much faster than any eye can.

    IMHO an eye barely has 1/10 of the numbers you listed.

    • @afief: an eye does not take pictures.. obviously stop comparing a eye to a camera because we all know that your comparison will be futile.. we all know that an eye is so much better than the cameras whatever good things you say about a camera.

  3. Praise God Almighty.

    • YES!! All praise and glory be to God Almight, the Creator of the Universe, who created the incredible human eye, which no technology can match.

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  6. 324 MP clarity šŸ˜® wow . . .

  7. very nice……IDEA

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